THE CONCEPT > Our team discovered a unique niche in the marketplace so we developed a business model to service that demand. We craft handmade embroidered bags or all sizes as well as  artisan jewelry on a string that's easy to wear without the tricky clasps, at cut-rate prices direct to our customers. We design sophisticated signature patterns while considering many of the granular details, product geometry, and combination of material textures. Three distinct style categories emerge: Urban Hip/Cool, Classic Elegance, and Spiritual. We also take your custom request ideas and embroideries  and create that special something just for you and yours.   


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OUR STORY >  Principal owner and fashion  designer Julia Stephens has always loved creating handmade crafts for herself, friends, and family, ever since she was a little girl.


The deep emotional responses and overwhelming feelings garnered by recipients of Julia’s creations led to the belief there was something special that needed to be shared and made accessible to everyone.


Simply put, when Julia wore her handbags and jewelry people wanted it…from those just walking down the street, to her yoga & fitness students, private clients, and movie stars…often offering to buy pieces off-of-her body.


Through the generous passion and support of many special friends, Thread Needle Studio became a reality. Julia’s genuine ability to bring positive energy to people translates through each unique piece. Our ultimate goal is to bring harmony, happiness, and just possibly make the world you live in a better place today.