At BJULED, we take our Bling seriously! From our hands to yours, we want you to own a piece of jewelry that screams of Quality through and through -- but at a price that's realistic and attainable.


That's why we use only filled 14K-18K gold, and .925 Sterling Silver. We do not use 'plated' silver or gold, which is the most inferior level of quality. We hand select our precious and semi-precious stones for each piece, and use only genuine Swarovski® Crystals.


Our Signature Easy Fit  elastic bands utilizing Stretch Magic® technology are made for comfort and easy slip-on use everyday. While virtually unbreakable, we do recommend taking care and restringing depending on the frequency of use.


Made in New York City, USA! We don't outsource our works to assembly lines in foreign countries or even to the state next door. Your BJULED piece is always original in design and made-to-order just for you.