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Lepidolite is used for harmonizing the body, mind, and soul. This gentle flowing gemstone is all about bringing balance and stability. Lepidolite can be used for easing stress and anxiety and  it can also be used for growing inner wisdo and trust.

Amethyst  helps in promoting good health on all fronts - physical, mental and spiritual. Physically, amethyst is known to bolster the immune system, reduce tension and headaches, and promote restful sleep. Mentally, its effects include alleviating worries and fears, encouraging clear thinking, and trusting one's intuition


  • 8 mm semi precious light purple lepidolite beads
  • 8 mm semi precious dark purple amethyst beads 
  • 925 sterling silver plated 8 mm buddha bead and spacers
  • Download printable ruler to find your size 

Hope and healing lepidolite & amethyst single loop bracelet

  • Clean with a lightly damp cloth and carefully wipe the beads

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