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Refund Policy

A legal disclaimer

Our Signature Easy Fit  elastic bands utilizing Stretch Magic® technology are made for comfort and easy slip-on use everyday. While virtually unbreakable, we do recommend taking care and restringing depending on the frequency of use.


Handmade in Bermuda! We don't outsource our works to assembly lines in foreign countries. Your piece is always original in design and made-to-order just for you.

Refund Policy - the basics

Having said that, a Refund Policy is a legally binding document that is meant to establish the legal relations between you and your customers regarding how and if you will provide them with a refund. Online businesses selling products are sometimes required (depending on local laws and regulations) to present their product return policy and refund policy. In some jurisdictions, this is needed in order to comply with consumer protection laws. It may also help you avoid legal claims from customers that are not satisfied with the products they purchased. 

What to include in the Refund Policy

Generally speaking, a Refund Policy often addresses these types of issues: the timeframe for asking for a refund; will the refund be full or partial; under which conditions will the customer receive a refund; and much much more.

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