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About us

Threadneedle Studio is a boutique design studio specialising in crafting  hand-made personalised handbags, bracelets and Malas in the Old Town of St.George's Bermuda.

Each handbag is a unique creation using imported vegan leather which is especially suited for Bermuda's climate, while the colours and designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Bermuda's flora, fauna and turquoise waters.  Personalise your handbag with a curated selection of custom embroidered "Bermudaful" symbols, monograms and designs.

Your handbag will be a bespoke statement of your unique personality and a celebration of Bermuda's stunning natural beauty.

It's not about us, it's about you!  


Our Mission

Threadneedle Studio is dedicated to ensuring all of our high quality handbags are unique expressions of Bermuda's beauty, elegance and culture.  We  blend beauty, functionality and sustainability into every custom design, expressly tailored for you. 

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