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About us

Threadneedle Studio is a boutique design studio that specialises in crafting  unique personalised handbags and jewellery. All our handbags are hand-made to the highest quality standards in our small Embroidery /Sewing studio in the Old Town of St.Georges Bermuda.

Each bag is an individual creation using imported Vegan Leather and colour coordinated lining which is especially suited for Bermudas climate and each bag captures the beautiful colours of Bermudas landscape and ocean. We are able to custom embroider a range of "Bermudaful" symbols, monograms and designs enabling you to create and personalise your dream bag. Because all are bags are custom embroidered and hand-sewn, every bag will be special and unique.


Our Mission

Threadneedle Studio is a Bermuda brand that works with high quality imported Vegan leather and fabrics. 

Founder and Owner, Julia Stephens, creates unique bags for life. A brand that defends sustainability through its durability of its products, which stands out for its fun and unique design. 

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