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Grounding earth double loop bracelet depits stability and spiritual grounding. Carefully selected grey, brown, jasper and navy beads finished with powerful rudraksha beads. 


  • Rudraksha beads are commonly worn for protection and respresents joy and bliss
  • 8 mm semi precisous obsidian beads: shields against negativity, relieves mental stress and tension
  • 8 mm semi precious quartz beads: energy, clarification & connection
  • 8 mm semi precious jasper beads: guidance, balance & independence
  • 8 mm semi precious bronzite beads: clarity, protection & youth
  • 8 mm semi precious Onyx beads: Strength, stamina, & self-confidence
  • 8mm semi precious labradorite beads: serenity, clarity & imagination
  • 8mm semi precious blue tiger eye beads: will power, tranquility & luck
  • 8 mm semi precious labradorite beads : Intuition, creativity & imagination
  • 14K gold plated 8 mm bead
  • Stretch-magic elastic  
  • Download printable ruler to find your size 

Grounding earth single loop bracelet

  • Clean with a lightly damp cloth and carefully wipe the beads

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